Hello there! I'm Ki & 27 years old. I sim when my schedule (I work full time & attend school part-time) allows so if I'm slow replying, I'm really sorry, and I'll reply to you when I can. :l Triangles at top are extra links, btw. :D
I follow back any & all simblrs!

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owls fluttering

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One of my favorites… the picture & the girl.  :3

Btw… :P

I do have plans to work on a new house.  I actually have one in mind and all.  Work is keeping me busy.  My boss is on vacation so that leaves me to take on most of her usual workload plus mine.  Working the next nine days, actually.  I have some shorter shift days so hopefully things work out sooner rather than later.  :D  Just sayin’ since I keep popping up sporadically.  :P

I found these four girls in the bathroom at the bowling alley.  It was pretty entertaining.

Yeah Oliver rides his bike in the hail.  Who am I to stop him?

Of course that’s not the dorm room I decorated for Jodie… >.>